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The Camm Construction Design-Build Approach


Design-Build Makes for a Better Customer Experience

The construction industry has seen a number of changes in the last decade, with agencies now centering their business model around design-building. So, what is design-build? Design-build is a project delivery system that allows a construction company to include the planning, design, and construction of a space all under a single contract. The idea behind design-build is to make the construction process less complicated and more streamlined experience for the customer by partnering with the right firm to help see your project all the way through from start to finish. While design-build has become one of the most widely used methods of contracting in the construction business because of its number of advantages, it has also caused some companies to completely rethink their project delivery structure.

When it comes to Camm Construction, Inc., however, our design-build approach is what makes us one of the most sought-after contracting firms in Kansas City.

Advantages of the Camm Construction Design-Build Approach

By partnering with Camm Construction, Inc. and utilizing our design-build approach, we can provide you with full-service hassle-free design and construction services for your project from the beginning until the end. Do you need an office renovation carried out? Or maybe you need some upgrades taken care of within your commercial property before tenants move in; with our method, we can effectively streamline the entire construction process and save you money in the long run. Everyone from our designers to our contractors to our construction workers works together as a team to give you your desired result so that you never have to move back and forth between multiple companies when it comes to designing and constructing a space that speaks to who you are as a brand.

Because of our collaborative efforts, we are able to build from one another and strengthen each other’s weaknesses to create a more streamlined and successful project built off of our combined knowledge. This also allows the project schedule to speed up much in part to effective and instantaneous communication. Our method also removes a lot of old boundaries in the construction process, getting rid of any physical or geographical boundaries that might be getting in the way of your timeline and, if you have an idea about the way you want something to look, Camm Construction provides the opportunity to quickly translate your ideas into custom products, not just prototyped replicas.

Partnering with Camm Construction

Whether you have a commercial construction project, historical renovation, or a ground-up idea, Camm Construction, Inc. and our design-build approach is a perfect fit. We start each and every project with a collection of ideas and thoughts from you, the customer, and find the best way for our engineers and architects to work with you throughout the entire building process to bring you your desired outcome. Camm Construction strives to bring you exactly what you are looking for by working together with you. We know that your business is your life, which is why we manage each project as if it is our own business and will do everything necessary to bring your project in on time, without compromising any size budget.

Success is only achieved through communication, efficiency, and teamwork and that is exactly what we promise to provide.

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